Netdedi Dedicated Server

Location : SK IDC / Seoul South Korea

IPMI Support : Option, 5$ per month

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What is Dedicated Servers

Dedicated server is the type of service that we offer to people who have very large and/or high traffic websites. Unlike shared web hosting where the web server is shared with other websites, web hosting plans with dedicated servers offer more security, increased reliability and room for growth. If you are looking for unmanaged dedicated servers it likely means you have a very successful and popular website. With unmanaged dedicated hosting you have the freedom and capacity to host many more visitors with higher bandwidth and storage capacity.

You'll also get:

  • Greater reliability, increased performance and added security because you are not sharing your server with anyone else.
  • Root access with unmanaged hosting solutions.
  • Our 99.9% uptime guarantee.

For business owners who want to let us manage their web server we also offer managed dedicated servers.

Why Dedicated Servers

Increased Reliability

Are you ready to get rid of the roommates? We've got your back with our dedicated hosting solution. You'll have the freedom and flexibility to grow without being affected by other sites on the same server. Shared hosting environments, although very reliable and cost effective, can be affected by other site processes, scripts or activities from others sharing the same machine; think of it like you're a resident of an apartment complex; all of you live in the same building, share the same resources like electricity, gas, and water. Shared hosting is a lot like that. With a dedicated server YOU have exclusive control and access to that machine. 

Greater Performance

Because you are the only one on your server and enjoy autonomy, you can expect a higher level of performance and greater computing capacity. Dedicated servers will increase your processing speed and reduce page load time, allowing for faster access to your site than with any type of shared hosting. In other words, you are the builder of the apartment building and have full control to decide how many apartments and how to split the resources resulting in more security.

Added Security

With shared hosting, permissions are set up to restrict users from your directories and files. However, dedicated servers provide an extra layer of protection where you, and only you, have access to your machine and can severely restrict access to your server from the outside world.

Multiple Domains

Dedicated hosting provides a cost effective and management friendly solution to multiple domain hosting. Rather than dealing with the burden of numerous accounts on shared servers, you can host a virtually unlimited number of domains on a single dedicated server. With our server management software, it's easy to create, manage and delete accounts whenever you want, and all from one interface.

Managed vs. Unmanaged Hosting

With traditional unmanaged servers, there is a large amount of time and technical expertise required, as you are ultimately responsible for the installation and management of the server. Managed dedicated servers eliminate the need for expertise in server administration, as powerful and intuitive tools for administering the setup and maintenance of websites, email, and domains are available instantly. Updates and patches to software are our responsibility, not yours, yet you still retain administrative control as the only client on the server. So unless you have extensive server administration resources or expertise, as well as a significant amount of time available to take care of your server, a Managed Dedicated Server is your best option at WestHost.

If you are considering hosting numerous sites, have a high traffic site, data sensitive site or simply want more power and control, it's time to consider a dedicated server. Despite the cost differences, a dedicated server is the best solution for those that are serious about their website and want the assurance that hardware, software and resources are dedicated exclusively to them.